Volunteer for Wilderness

SUWA's great volunteers and activists are essential to our work to protect Utah's wild landscapes. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org .

Here's what you can do right now to help SUWA accomplish it's mission:

          Become a Grassroots Leader!  Organize people in your community to support
          Utah Wilderness.

Visit our Action Center and find out about issues needing immediate action.

Subscribe to SUWA's email listserve  and get weekly email updates on urgent issues, pending legislation, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events in your area.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. If you live in Utah, wilderness and public lands issues are in the news almost daily. Whenever you see an article about these issues, respond by sending a letter to the editor of the paper. If you live outside of Utah, write a letter letting your community know how important it is to protect public lands in Utah, so that people from across the country (and around the world) can continue enjoy them. Need some inspiration? Contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org.

Get the word out. Help us spread our message about the need for wilderness protection by distributing materials in your local community, like newsletters, stickers, flyers, event announcements and brochures to local coffee shops, bulletin boards, libraries, bookstores, or wherever you hang out. Contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org.

Host a slideshow. SUWA has a multimedia presentation "Wild Utah: America's Redrock Wilderness" featuring stunning high-resolution images from the wildest corners of our state, interviews with citizen activists and community leaders, and a compelling narrative read by Robert Redford. If you would like to host a slideshow, or would like receive a copy of this captivating DVD presentation to share with your family, group or organization, contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org. Visit our slideshow page for a list of current dates and locations.

Participate in Wilderness Week. Each year representatives from the Utah Wilderness Coalition together with activists and wilderness supporters from across the country, descend on Washington D.C. to lobby Congress for greater protection of Utah’s Public Lands. Click here for more information about Wilderness Week or contact Jackie Feinberg at jackie@suwa.org.

Help with community outreach. Help us reach out to your community by letting us know about festivals or events where it is possible to set up a SUWA table with information about Utah wilderness. Go the extra step by volunteering to staff a SUWA table at community events, handing out information, stickers, newsletters, and asking people to take action to protect Utah wilderness. Contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org.

Help with office work. Periodically, we may need some help around the office stuffing envelopes or doing data entry. Contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org to get on the list of volunteers for office work.

Conduct research. Graduate students or professionals can contribute by conducting research in a related field of study, or performing research or fact-finding tasks specific to wilderness issues. Contact Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org.


"Something will have gone out of us as a people
if we let the remaining wilderness be destroyed."
                                              - Wallace Stegner, 1960


National Public Lands Day 2009 SUWA Participates in National Public Lands Day
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