What you can do:

1. Educate yourself and take a stand. Check out the Issues page of our website for information on specific Utah wilderness topics, and visit the Get Involved page to learn about today's most urgent issues.  You can also find fact sheets, reports, and other informative documents on our Library page.  Write a letter to your member of Congress on behalf of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.  Share what you discover with others in your congregation.

2. Host a slideshow program.  Churches, schools, and community gathering places are great venues for showing the “Wild Utah” slideshow on its own, or in conjunction with a Write for Wilderness party.  If you live in the West and your congregation is interested in hosting a SUWA slideshow presentation, contact Terri Martin at terri@suwa.org. If you are in the Midwest, contact Clayton Daughenbaugh at clayton@suwa.org. With a bit of advance planning we can arrange to have a SUWA staff member at your presentation to answer questions and provide up-to-the-minute information about the status of wilderness in Utah.  Clayton also does sermons.  >>Read some of Clayton's success stories from Illinois.

3. Host a conversation about wilderness.  Conversation is one of the best ways to understand an issue, share, and hear what others think.  Conversation about why an issue matters to us is frequently the starting point for positive changes.  There are many ways to start a dialogue and foster a listening environment.  Resources to help you get started can be found at conversation cafe.  Would you like to know of a conversation taking place in your area or get help setting one up?  Email Deeda Seed at deeda@suwa.org.
>>Click here for an example of a conversation that was held in Utah.  

4. Host a “Write for Wilderness” party with members of your faith community.  You can use the SUWA slideshow to help people understand what is at stake.  Provide snacks and drinks.  We can send you a “Write for Wilderness” party packet with SUWA newsletters, “Wild Utah” stickers and buttons, a beautiful “Utah Wilderness” poster, and postcards.


>>Guide for Small Group Discussion

>>Reading Recommendations

>>Online Resources

Utah Interfaith Gathering 2
Simple discussions between friends and neighbors lead to new
opportunities for positive change.

Illinois Church Slideshow
Clayton Daughenbaugh gives a slide presentation on Utah wilderness
at his church in Illinois.  Photo by Mike Greer.