Across the Country -- Fertile Soil

The spiritual connection with wild land goes back centuries and transcends boundaries.  The relationship is an organic one.  It generally grows from a program or sermon on the spiritual and advocacy aspects of wilderness sponsored by the congregational home of a person whose heart has been touched by time spent in the wild.  The fruits are often profound. 

An impressive number and diversity of faith communities and organizations across the nation have called on Congress to protect Utah’s redrock wilderness. The cornfields of central Illinois brought forth a United Methodist resolution supporting wilderness protection as an expression of faith and fidelity to Creation.  Congregations of Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Roman Catholics across the midwest have hosted programs and signed letters (and the idea of taking action on behalf of Utah wilderness at the 2009 Unitarian Universalist National Assembly in Salt Lake City first emerged in discussions in Madison, WI and Cincinnati, OH).  The National Council of Churches and a variety of Washington, DC denominational offices have voiced their support to Congress.