Moab Resource Management Plan

"The proposal identifies three areas comprising about 48,000 acres that would be managed to protect and maintain wilderness characteristics. By comparison, a more environmentally friendly alternative the BLM considered, but rejected, included 33 areas comprising 266,000 acres. This illustrates how the BLM's view of balance clearly is not skewed toward wilderness, when, given rapid development in Utah and concern about the planet's declining health, it should be."
--The Salt Lake Tribune, August 4, 2008     Read editorial

Located in Southeast Utah, the greater Moab area draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.  Some come to experience national parks such as Arches and Canyonlands, while others come to enjoy the area's distinctive BLM lands and scenic riverways. Unfortunately, Moab's increasing popularity among recreationists has created a management crisis on the surrounding public lands.  Many once-pristine landscapes around Moab have been devastated by irresponsible off-road vehicle use, and conflicts are emerging between different groups of outdoor recreationists.  To save this area from being loved to death, the BLM needs to takes its stewardship responsibilities more seriously and implement a responsible management plan for the region.

Despite its extroardinary scenic and recreational values, the Moab area has also seen increased oil and gas exploration in recent years.  Seismic exploration has left lasting scars at the doorstep of Canyonlands National Park, while successful litigation by SUWA saved the Dome Plateau proposed wilderness near Arches National Park from a similar fate.

Status: Final Resource Management Plan released, Protest Period ended September 2, 2008.



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May 2008

Wilderness in the Moab BLM District

South Book Cliffs

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